Heritage Hills Patriot Bands

Lincoln City, IN

Heritage Hills High School Patriot Bands

Lincoln City, IN Ryan Akers, Director

Heritage Hills Patriot Band Handbook 

The mission of the Heritage Hills High School Band is to:

  • Provide students with challenging learning and performing experiences
  • Develop a lifelong love of and participation in music
  • Develop performance, rehearsal, and personal practice skills that lead to success and excellence in life:
  • Instill respect, dedication, discipline, confidence, teamwork, pride, communication, work ethic, empathy, and self-awareness.

Rights and Responsibilities. 

Membership in the Patriot Bands comes with rights and responsibilities. Please read these carefully.  We all have a right to a great experience, to be treated with respect, to timely information, and to be given the opportunity and support to grow and learn. We are responsible for being present and prompt to band activities, to give our best effort, to treat others with respect, to meet behavioral expectations, and to strive for excellence. 

Rehearsal Expectations- Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Productive.

Be Prompt

Attendance is required at all scheduled rehearsals. These are extensions of our class time. The official Patriot Band calendar of events can be locating by clicking the "calendar" tab at the top of the page. Make a note of it in your own calendar, give a copy to your (student's) employer, and make every effort to be prompt. Remember to leave enough time to be prepared to begin work at the stated time.  If you have a conflict, let Mr. Dossett  know as early as possible through email. Excused absences will only be given if the absence in given in proper time and is listed as valid in the class syllabus.  Please remember that work is not an excused absence!

Be Prepared

1. Practice at home so that class time can be spent with ensemble, rather than individual, concerns.

2. Make sure you have supplies and equipment ready before class. Do basic and preventative maintenance before practice- not during.  
3. Be properly dressed. Pay attention to the weather, as well as the correct uniform for each performance (more on this later). Wear shoes appropriate to the day's activity.

Be Productive

1. Maintain  focus in rehearsal. Minimize distractions for yourself and others.

2. Maintain excellent effort–give your best every time!

3. Respect the band, other band members and their property. Remember, we function as a group, and will only be as strong as we make it. 

4. Maintain a "clean" band environment.

    • Clean language
    • No consumable food or liquid in the band room
    • Put away your stuff
    • Always keep your case closed and in your locker–even during rehearsal.
    • Keep your locker clear of loose paper and old clothes

Performance Expectations
  • EVERY PERFORMANCE IS REQUIRED. Make sure you note all performances on the calendar.
  • Be sure to know what attire  is needed for each performance. 
  • Properly store all of your marching uniform pieces in the correct location, and in the uniform bag when not in use.
  • Do not eat or drink in our marching uniforms (other than water).
  • Jewelry will not be worn at performances. Only approved make-up may be worn at performances.

Travel Expectations
We travel frequently as a band. We have a responsibility to each other, and to future Patriot Band members to travel with class. Please keep the following protocols:

    • All students travel to performances together, unless specified by Mr. Dossett. If you have a school event that conflicts with band travel, speak with Mr. Dossett well in advance. 
    • On return trips, students may travel with parents, provided the following:
      • A signed note from a parent/guardian must be turned in to Mr. Dossett before we leave school on performance day. Notes will NOT be accepted at performance sites. Period!
      • Parent note must specify to whom student is to be released. Students will not be released to anyone under 21 years of age, or with significant others. 
  • Band and school rules apply from your arrival at ALL times. 
  • Follow all instructions given by bus drivers and chaperones- whether you like it or not.
  • Bus lists are not altered for social concerns. 
  • When the sun is before the horizon, there will be no co-ed or couple seating. Remember, this is band time, not cuddle time.
  • Upon return to HHHS, busses will be cleaned before students are dismissed. All equipment will be returned to its storage location before students are dismissed. 

Financial Expectations
  • Students are expected to pay Patriot Band fees of $150 ($25 is due by the end of band camp). If you have financial difficulties, please speak with Mr. Dossett. This fee covers resources needed for the marching band, concert band, and pep band components of the Patriot Band program. 
  • Students who choose to be in winter guard or winter percussion are expected to pay the appropriate fees due for that particular ensemble. 
  • Students may participate in fundraising to help cover the cost of their fees. 
  • All monies are to be turned in to by one of the following methods:
  1.  An envelope marked with student name, amount of money, and purpose of payment given to Mr. Dossett 
  2. Sending the payment to Heritage Hills Band Boosters, PO Box 72, Santa Claus, IN 47579
  3.  Band fees and other donations may be paid through the website, using PayPal. Please add 3% to the payment to cover the PayPal service fee.