Heritage Hills Patriot Bands
Lincoln City, IN
Ryan Akers, Director

Heritage Hills High School Patriot Bands

Lincoln City, IN Ryan Akers, Director

Heritage Hills
Patriot Bands

Ryan Akers, Director

Lori Seaford, Band Booster President

Band staff includes: 

Jerrilynn Klueh, Adrienne Roos,
Brandon Hagen, Meghan Becker, Dennis and Dixie Akers,

Alex Collignon, Zac Manseau.

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Winter Season Wrap-Up

The Patriot Bands had a very good winter season in 2014! The Winter Guard placed 21st of 40 in the Regional A Class in the Indiana High School Color Guard Association. The Winter Percussion placed 12th at the Indiana Percussion Association State Finals Concert A Class! 

Congratulations to the students and staff of both groups!

Patriot Band Members Chosen for Honor Bands

The Patriot Bands would like to congratulate the following students for making a variety of honor bands/ensembles: 

IMEA All-State Honor Band:

Tony Ahn

Abbie Jasper-Brown

Marissa Kress

IN-ASTA All-State Orchestra:

Corinna Waggoner

IBA All-State Honor Band:

Corinna Waggoner

We are VERY proud of our Patriot Band members, and wish them great performances and great experiences at these events. 

Focus in Practice

As many of us begin the New Year with resolutions and "turning over new leaves", we hope that all of us focus on the core skill of practicing. As musicians, it is important that we work on developing and reinforcing new skills- learned in class- at home. Students need to focus on three basic parts of a practice routine: 

1) Warm-Up. This is where essential, core skills are reinforced and refined, such as tone quality, breath control, and pitch control. Think of this as stretching.

2) Technique. This is both rhythmic and note technique. We need to work on playing in many key signatures, with many different rhythm combinations. Additionally, time must be spent committing to muscle memory the core rhythmic and melodic patterns that occur in music. 

3) Specific musicality. This is what we should be doing with the literature being prepared for class- making music. We use the skills developed in warm-up and technique time to shape and develop the statements given to us in the actual music, for performance. 

In many ways, practicing a piece of music is similar to how a basketball team prepares for a game. All teams stretch and prepare their body to perform. Most good teams take time daily to do passing, dribbling, and shooting drills, and general game situation rehearsal. Most good teams spend time "game planning" for their next opponent- implementing the theory of how to approach the specific challenges provided in their next game. This is the same process as an individual musician's practice session.

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April 2014 Performance 

Saturday, April 12

ISSMA Concert Band Festival

Performance at 11:30 am

Castle High School, Newburgh, IN


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